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Letter from Elu

Who We Are


Our Approach

Our professional experience enables us to offer effective personalized care. We work with individuals, couples, families, organizations, churches, and systems. In counseling, we treat a number of mental health disorders from a supportive, solution focused perspective. In coaching and consulting, we work towards transformation from a strengths based framework.


Our Treatment Focus

Our focus is to journey alongside by providing resources, expertise, and strategies. These come from an integrated perspective using both the teachings of Christian theology and professional best practices. We achieve this by providing a safe space to hear your story and then customizing a treatment plan.


Our Story

There is a Jewish story about two schools who disagreed about how to apply Scripture to daily life. A rabbi spoke into this situation sharing a word from God by saying "elu v'elu" which means these and also these are the words of the living God. The conflict on methodology was unnecessary as both groups were being faithful to live out God's calling and relationship with Him. It represents a shift from either/or to both/and, an affirmation that we can follow God uniquely and faithfully. Elu was started by a social worker and a pastor who have integrated their professional, theological, and personal perspectives together to create a space for bringing things together, finding harmony in difference, and listening creatively to God. Professional business practices, sound medical advice, faithful theological understanding, disciplined spiritual practices, and depth of personal experience are the foundation of our collaborative work at Elu. 

Our Services





Emotions, conflict, habits, trauma, and stress affect daily living and the ability to achieve goals. Working with a Christ-centered, professional counselor/social worker, individuals, couples, and families can explore new strategies and ways of thinking that empower and facilitate greater health. Using strengths-based, personalized approaches leads to more consistent and lasting outcomes.





For effective and ongoing growth, healthy organizations reflect and utilize a process of focused listening to achieve ongoing development. Through consulting, we work with the organizational leaders to identify system dynamics and bring awareness to ingrained patterns. Collaborative solutions are explored that can be implemented for missional results. Group trainings are also available.





Individualized coaching engages leaders in a learning process that seeks to improve on existing approaches and styles. Assessments guide the process to reveal areas to focus skill enhancement. Starting with an understanding of systems along with personal awareness, coaching extends to refine techniques and implement new thought processes that widen potential and strategic impact.